Career Story


Mikko Kaunisvirta works as a Digital Development Manager and is responsible for the continuous development of Stockmann’s online store. His background is in marketing and fashion and since joining Stockmann, he has worked as a member of the eCommerce team, which consists of almost 30 professionals.

“As Digital Development Manager at Stockmann, I’m the voice of the customer”

“The big picture of my job is to help shape the future of retail. This means that, together with the team, my efforts are focused on making the shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible for our customers. Regardless of whether consumers choose to shop online or in the department store.

I think of myself as the representative of the customer in our eCommerce team. I immerse myself into the needs and wants of our customers through analysis of customer research and feedback. On day-to-day basis, this results in developing an effortless shopping experience.

An example of this, is the way returns can be handled. For the customer it can be very much easier to return a package to a department store, than to go to the post office. And if that is the case, we will have to make it possible for the customer to do that.”

“The international team helps me be better at my job”

Stockmann has a local presence both in Finland and the Baltic countries as well as a common e-commerce platform in all 3 countries.

“Some of our team members are based in the Baltic region, some in Finland, but we work together as one team. The launch of our new common online platform for all these countries emphasized to me the fact that Stockmann is a truly international company.

Our multicultural team helps me to develop both myself and the customer experience in a way that would not be possible in a company operating in only one market.

It has been satisfying to see that our work to improve the customer experiences in our online channels is paying off. Both customer volumes and satisfaction levels have exceeded our targets.”

“I can influence my work and constantly improve the results”

“When I joined Stockmann, I did not really know what to expect from the traditional company, that had been around already when my grandmother was young. If it had turned out, that Stockmann was a conservative place to work, I would not have been surprised.

But Stockmann has taken me by surprise. The atmosphere is very open and supportive, and I can air development suggestions freely. Within the team this means a high level of motivation and the ability to solve challenges together. This leads to constant improvement.”

“My goal is to help Stockmann become the best online store in our target markets”

Online shopping is increasingly seen as “business as usual” by all age groups. The retail market has become even more competitive as the pandemic has increased retailers’ interest in offering products online.

“The competition gets fiercer by the day, and we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate in our sales and service channels. People want to have a personalized shopping experience, and feel that their personal needs are being met. Both in terms of what they can buy and how the purchase process is organized.”

A consistent and easy customer experience is crucial. Stockmann is known for its high level of service. Offering personalized services that support the online experience, is an example of a better way to serve the customers and make them remember the company and come back.

“Stockmann’s online store has developed tremendously during the last couple of years. My personal goal is to help Stockmann offer the best omnichannel shopping experience in our target markets.”