Early in Career

Students and opportunity to work while studying

Many students come to Stockmann every year to do internships either related to their studies or simply just to get to know the abc of working life. We offer many opportunities to show your skills and learn new things.  

How does an evening-weekend job sound in addition to your professional studies? What about an almost full-time employment at the end of your studies or even Crazy Days a couple of times a year? You can also work flexibly with us alongside your studies or study alongside work If you are studying, Stockmann offers great opportunities for you to work in a way that suits your own study schedule.  

After graduation 

Stockmann is full of opportunities! We operate in 3 countries and employ approximately 1900 professionals in various fields. We have opportunities and space to develop. We offer excellent learning paths, for example if you wish to develop your people leader skills.

Build a career that looks like you at Stockmann! 

Enni had an internship at Stockmann. Watch the video to see how it went and what responsibilities Enni had.