Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a job at Stockmann? 

All open positions can be found in the Stockmann Jobs section. After finding a suitable position, apply for a job by filling out the job’s application form. We only process applications received through the system.

2. Do I have to fill out the application online? 

Applying for a job requires submitting an application online as applications and recruitment processes are managed through the system. You can attach a CV to the application. Please do not send your CV or application by e-mail. We only process applications received through the recruitment system.

3. What happens after submitting the application? 

You will receive a notification in your e-mail that we have received your application. Recruiters and hiring managers will start processing the applications already during the application process. The candidates that we feel are most suitable for Stockmann will be invited for Meet & Greet. All candidates will be contacted at the latest after the recruitment process has ended.

4. Who can I contact in matters related to recruitment?

If you have any questions during the recruitment process, you can find our recruitment team contact details in the country specific career page.

5. How many interview rounds does Stockmann’s recruitment process include? 

The number of interviews depends on the position. Most of the time, two interviews are conducted. In some positions group interviews can also be conducted. If necessary, there is also one more round of interviews with a senior management representative.

 6. Does the recruitment process include personal evaluations? 

According to our practice, personal evaluations are part of recruitment from expert and specialist level upwards. To ensure that the right candidate is selected for the position, we may use personal evaluations in other positions as well.

7. How long does the Stockmann’s recruitment process take? 

The length of the process varies in relation to the level of difficulty of the recruitment and it lasts from a couple of weeks to a few months. Expert and specialist recruitments are the longer ones.

8. Does Stockmann offer summer jobs? 

We offer summer jobs in all our Stockmann department stores. Please look details from specific country career page.

9. Does Stockmann offer Christmas season jobs? 

We also offer Christmas season jobs in all our Stockmann department stores. Please look details from specific country career page.

10. Does Stockmann employ people under the age of 18? 

As a rule, we hire adults. For some positions there is also the possibility to hire people under the age of 18.

11. Can I attach a CV and certificates to my application? 

You can add attachments to your application e. g. the CV and motivation letter.

12. How long will my application be available for you in your recruitment system? 

We keep your application in the recruitment system for 18 months.

13. Can I withdraw or delete my application during or after the recruitment process? 

You can withdraw your application in the middle of the recruitment process using your TalentAdore profile. If you want to delete your personal information you have to contact local recruitment team.