Career Story

Elizabete Silkalne


“My role in the HR-team is to help find the right people to carry out our customer centric strategy. By working at Stockmann I have become much more aware of how to provide our target groups – both customers and recruitment candidates – a premium service.” “I have learned to be more approachable, which directly affects my personal life.”

Elizabete Silkalne works as a Talent Attraction and Recruitment Specialist at Stockmann Riga. She started in the Food department in the autumn of 2021, 6 months later she was promoted to HR-assistant and after studying abroad she returned to Stockmann as a Talent Attraction and Recruitment Specialist.

“Actually, it was a funny story. When they called me from Stockmann to tell me that they were going to offer me the job that I had applied for, I was in Amsterdam visiting a museum. The visit was a birthday present because it was my birthday. But the job offer was a much better present!

From the start I have been very enthusiastic about my work, which has given me a really good opportunity to learn the trade. My job is varied and I get to do a lot of different tasks related to the recruitment process, such as calling candidates, organizing interviews, and so on.

But apart from learning a lot about what it is like to work in recruitment, I have also developed enormously personally. Our strategy of putting the customers first, is also reflected in how we treat the people who apply for jobs at Stockmann. By adapting the strategy in my work and focusing on people, I have become much more open and approachable. The change has also positively affected my personal life.”

“I can go to anyone and they are happy to help.”

“My job is all about finding the best people to carry out our customer-centric strategy. We want our customers to have a shopping experience that creates the wow-feeling. To achieve this, our people – whatever their role– has to be very approachable and service minded. And on top of that, it is important that they know their own field.

It’s not always easy to find people who meet our requirements. But when we do and they start working with us, they are very happy. Everyone in our working environment is very supportive and helps new people settle into their roles and get to know the company. We also emphasize the importance of our customer centric strategy to the newcomers.

The atmosphere is what gets me going. Whatever I need to ask, I can go to anyone and they are happy to help. My manager is very encouraging and guides me whenever I ask for it. I appreciate the working spirit and I am proud to work here. I think my feelings are shared by everyone who works here.”

“Working here is really something special.”

Alongside her work at Stockmann, at 2024 Elizabete finished her studies of Business administration at the university of Latvia.

“I am very happy that it has been possible for me to work at Stockmann, while studying at the same time at the university. After studying abroad for 6 months in Rijeka, Croatia, I not only returned home but also at Stockmann and I’m proud to say that I work here.”