Career Story


“Stockmann is reinforcing its heritage and we put a lot of emphasis on customer service and high-level quality products. No competitor can do it quite the way we do it at Stockmann!”

“Stockmann is hard to beat when it comes to high-quality products and outstanding service”

Mairika Juhandi works as a Sales Director for Women’s and Men’s Fashion, Beauty, and Food at Stockmann department store in Tallinn. She also leads and plays a major role in developing and implementing strategic ideas for the Baltic Food Department. Mairika’s journey with Stockmann has been filled with joy and self-development for over 25 years.

“Our goal is to wow the customers. This means that we work to surprise our customers both in terms of product selection and service. This is something rather difficult for the competitors to do better, because high-quality and outstanding service has always been something that defines Stockmann.

Providing outstanding service often means doing things differently. We put a lot of effort into our Food department, and we want people to associate Stockmann with the following words – different, unique, and special.”

“Our aim is for customers to experience a wow feeling that lasts”

“We listen to our customers to understand what their needs and expectations are. We sell various products in our department store that our customers need, but more importantly, we sell emotions and inspiration. People want to be touched by emotion and they will remember the feeling they had when they experienced exceptional service. When we want to wow customers, we are aiming for people to experience positive emotions.”

“If you want to learn how to delight/wow customers, there is no better place than Stockmann!”

“At Stockmann we work and stick together, each person has their own strengths in different areas of work. I think that the people in our team are very supportive, and I feel that we all work together to make sure that we can reach the goals.

Stockmann takes good care of its people, we consider their needs. We guide and train our people constantly so that our customer service would be excellent. Stockmann also includes its people frequently in different projects and is interested in people’s feedback.

We are constantly looking for new ideas. Enthusiastic people, who think differently and are not afraid to bring to light new ideas, are always welcome in our team. There are many ways in which we can influence our own work, and this makes Stockmann a good place to work at. And if you want to learn how to surprise and provide exceptional service while constantly developing yourself, Stockmann is the right place for you!

Our team, that works in the Food department has such enormous experience and knowledge. That kind of expertise is hard to find anywhere else. The food department is really my third daughter and I want it to succeed and keep its place as the best quality food market in Estonia.”